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About Cheviot Brewery

Cheviot Brewery is microbrewery situated on the Ford & Etal Estate in North Northumberland, producing exciting real ales since 2018.

Like all good ideas, the idea to set up a brewery happened over a throw away remark over a beer, or maybe a few beers, in a Barcelona brewery tap in 2015. Whilst such ideas usually stay in the pub, Pete, Jonathan and Neil turned that remark into a serious conversation and a lot of research. Three years and two months later with ale in our fermenters and cask orders in place, this dream became a reality, thanks not only to a real desire to make great beer that we want to drink but with help and support from all over, not least from the Ford & Etal estate whom have renovated a derelict property on the estate to become Cheviot Brewery.

Now in its 4th year of brewing Cheviot brewery now runs the Black Bull Inn at Etal and Cheviot Tap, our onsite tap bar for drinks and events.

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