The Scale of the Task

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The Ford and Etal Estate in the shadow of the Cheviot Hills, is a stunning part of North Northumberland and an inspiring place to set up shop. Our new brewhouse on the estate at Slainsfield is no exception. But the scale of the work to be done is quite sizeable.

Working with the Estate we identified a suitable property to become Cheviot Brewery, adjacent to the former North Northumberland Hunt kennels in Slainsfield. It had been empty for some time and was in need of a bit of TLC. With the support of the Ford and Etal Estate we set about planning and constructing an refurb and repurposing of the building to fit our needs, built around the brewery workflow for our recently acquired 7.5BBL brew kit purchased from Goose Eye Brewery in West Yorkshire as they expanded into new premises.


Pete & Jonny inspect the brewery plans.


What will be our fermentation room.


The brewhouse itself. The engine room of Cheviot Brewery.

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